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Living a frugally rich life

Local author debuts book on living a sustainable life

by Kayla Culver in SunThisWeek Newspapers, December 6, 2018

Living ‘lightly on the earth, close to the land’ in Lakeville

   by Sue Webber in the Sun Newspapers, September 18, 2015

Oh, the things you’ll find at the Curbside Boutique

     by Holly Jorgensen in the Minneapolis StarTribune, May 7, 2008

Finding Freedom in What Others Throw Away

     by Joseph Palmersheim in the MN Sun Current, June 13, 2007

 The reuse movement takes on our disposable culture

     by Dan Olson, MPR News, October 9, 2006

Holly Jorgensen – Jack of all Trades

     by Pam Mellskog in Twin Cities Revue, June 17, 1999

Family show featuring horses receives rave reviews from first-time viewers

     by Erin Hemme Froslie in Lakeville This Week, Dec 1, 1996

Positive outlook on life is key trait of Quitnots

    by Mike Westholder in Eden Prairie Sun-Current, Nov. 27, 1996

Tuning in to music of love

     by Eunice Anderson in MN Women’s Press, Aug 30, 1989

“Each person has some special gifts”- Holly Jorgensen

     by Carol C. Horn in MN Women’s Press, March 2-15, 1988

She brings Gay 90s to life for kids

      Bloomington Sun-Current, November 30, 1987

Woman of 1980’s finds bond through 1890’s diary

     by Dave Matheny in Minneapolis StarTribune, August 4, 1984

Present reflected in writing of 1890 journal

     by Cathy Nevanen in Hutchinson Leader. February 22, 1983



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