Quality Time With the Quitnots

John Wayne? Jerry Thomas was the closest thing to him, here with “Gramps” Quitnot and a friend

My big project in the 90s was Quality Time With the Quitnots, a proposed television show for kids and their parents. We used live animals, puppets and music to tell stories relating to social values and self-esteem. We were never fully funded, but were supported by so many kind and talented people. Here’s my chance to remember and thank a few of them.

The real live Juniper, at the hospitable Hoofbeat Acres miniature horse ranch
My brother James Allen, niece Angela, Dan Newbauer and a live friend helping make the preview screening an exciting event
Parenting expert and good friend Marti Erickson talks to Gramps and Juniper on the indoor set of Quality Time With the Quitnots
Young friends helping out at the Diamond T Ranch
Jim Schiffman, Shelley Kothe, (puppeteers) Don Oberdorfer, Hal Dragseth, (producers) Holly, (writer, producer) Steve Schwolert (set design)
We were amazed at how the horses seemed to accept Juniper as one of their own

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