Saving Money, the Planet, and Your Sanity

I’d love to come and present my show (with many slides!) to your group. I’ve been presenting since 2005, and have refreshed the program with new pictures and readings from my book, Enchanted- Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life. For my program for young girls, check out Strong Girls for a Green WorldIf you’d like a show for boys, or for boys and girls together, please contact me.

Saving Money, the Planet, and Your Sanity

Holly Jorgensen loves her extraordinary lifestyle, using second-hand and found materials almost exclusively for building, decorating, furnishing, landscaping, and dressing. She has found financial freedom and enriched her spiritual life while living lightly on the earth. You’ll take a power point tour of her woodsy home and yard, filled with creatively upcycled goods. She’ll share her unique experiences, practical tips, and philosophical keys to a more contented, joyful life. You’ll be inspired by her beautiful photos and readings from her book, and will leave with ideas for saving your money, your planet, and your sanity.

Comments from:

Gary Gilson, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, TV host and speaker, and coach of the craft of clear writing

“Holly Jorgensen has passion for living simply and beautifully and in tune with nature. And she speaks about that with authority, charm and humor, based on her rich life experience and diligent research.”

Students at the School of Environmental Studies

“She took old, used ideas and methods and refurnished them with vigor, sincerity, and compassion.”

“It was wonderful to meet and enjoy someone so happy, so sincere, so carefree…but not careless.”

“Her words flowed organically and true, much like the life she described.”

Hennepin County Library patrons

“It helped me think outside the box.”

“Holly’s a great, engaging speaker.”

“I really appreciate the time and energy you put into the presentation yesterday.  It gave me a lot to ponder and work on in my own life. Your life reminds me of the phrase I learned in Germany– Lebenskünstler– Life Artist– Which so many young Germans apply to their lives, happily, as they try to make new ways of being in the world, different from their dark past.  I think this is a new day and opportunity for people in the US, to be more mindful and to live more grounded, happier lives.  Your message is a spiritual one, and very important—Thanks!”

Brief Bio

Holly has been a teacher, librarian, performer, and writer. Her first book, Enchanted – Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life, was released in December, 2018. Her company, Northern Holly Creations, focuses on educational and inspiring entertainment. Besides her current Saving Money, the Planet, and Your Sanity; Connecting with Mother Nature’s Other Children, and Strong Girls for a Green World, productions have included:

*Looking-Glass Love Songs, a musical funded by grants from COMPAS Community Arts and the General Mills Foundation and performed at the Mixed Blood Theatre and At the Foot of the Mountain in Minneapolis

*The Diaries and Dreams of Susie Moberly, a one-woman show based on the found 1890 diary of a 17-year-old woman and performed over 50 times

*Quality Time with the Quitnots, a proposal and preview for a family-oriented television series starring miniature horses.

For internet articles by and about Holly:

Local author debuts book on living a sustainable life  -Kayla Culver, Sun Newspapers, December 6, 2018

Living ‘Lightly On The Earth, Close To The Land’ In Lakeville – Sue Webber, Sun Newspapers, September 18, 2015

Oh, the Things You’ll Find at the Curbside Boutique – Holly Jorgensen, Minneapolis StarTribune May 7, 2008

Finding Freedom in What Others Throw Away – Joseph Palmerscheim, MN Sun Newspapers, June 13, 2007

The reuse movement takes on our disposable culture – Dan Olson, Minnesota Public Radio, Oct 9, 2006 All Things Considered 

Venues since 2005 have included:

College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Apple Valley and Burnsville Senior Citizens, MN
School of Environmental Studies, Apple Valley, MN
Women and Spirituality Conference at Mankato State University, MN (annually since 2008)
Dakota Unitarian Universalist Church, Burnsville, MN

Ingraham High School, Seattle, WAvarious Hennepin County libraries, MN
Girl Scouts in Eugene, Oregon – see Strong Girls For a Green World’
Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Bloomington, MN
Heritage Library, Lakeville, MN
Hennepin County Employees Interfaith and Spirituality Resource Group
Friendship Village, Bloomington, MN
Winona Laureate Authors Series, Winona, MN
American Association of University Women, Mpls, MN

For booking information:

2 thoughts on “Saving Money, the Planet, and Your Sanity

  1. Hi,
    I just read an article on fb about you and Greenie. I don’t know if this has crossed your mind or something’s already available but have you considered a children’s book? Your poem and friendship would be such a great read with my one year old daughter <3

    1. Thank you, Sara. I did write about Greenie in my book, Enchanted — Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life. But I’ve had many requests for a children’s book, so that may be my next big project.

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